[Review] Skoda Enyaq iV80 (2023)

Last month, Mike reviewed the 2023 Skoda Enyaq IV80 Suite SUV EV.

In short, this new EV is practical, spacious and very efficient! But lets dig deeper into this car’s capabilities:

Interior and Trims

The Skoda Enyaq IV 80 offers various trims, including Loft, Lodge, Lounge, Suite, Eco Suite, and Sportline. The interior is described as luxurious, with high-quality materials and comfortable seating. The seating position is high, offering excellent visibility.

Driving Performance

The car is praised for its smooth and refined driving experience. It’s highlighted that it has rear-wheel drive, and the host mentions the option for four-wheel drive (ATX). The steering wheel with physical buttons is appreciated for ease of use.

Regenerative Braking

Next Mike discusses the regen levels, allowing the driver to adjust regenerative braking. Mike prefers a higher regen level for better economy and one-pedal driving.

Charging and Range

The Skoda Enyaq IV 80 is noted for having fast charging as standard in 2023. The car’s impressive 333 WLTP range is great, with Mike achieving 3.8 miles per kWh in their testing.

Interior Space

The car’s interior is praised for its spaciousness, both in the front and rear. It’s emphasized that there’s no transmission tunnel, making the rear area comfortable for passengers.


The Skoda Enyaq IV 80 is lauded for its practicality, with a generous 585 liters of boot space that expands to 1,710 liters with the seats folded down.

Driving Experience

Mike shares their experience of driving the car and describes it as comfortable and practical. The Lane Keeping Assistance system is noted as an area for improvement, especially on roads with less defined markings.


The Good: The Skoda Enyaq IV 80 offers a spacious and comfortable interior with practicality and an impressive WLTP range, making it a practical choice for family use. Its refined driving experience and rear-wheel drive are praised, along with the availability of fast charging as standard in 2023.

Needs Improvement: One drawback is the car’s Lane Keeping Assistance system, which can be overly aggressive on roads with less defined markings. Additionally, the video suggests that the car’s regenerative braking settings could be more user-friendly, and some controls may be a bit fiddly to use.

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