Tesla Cybertruck – The details

Cybertruck Specification

Cybertruck specification source: Tesla Cybertruck – Wikipedia

Bullet Poof Stainless steel

The Cybertruck is made of a new special steel alloy (designed by Tesla) to make it manufacturable.

Elon boasts that it has a higher rigidity than the McLaren P1!

While not official, Tesla have fired a range of weapons at the Cybertruck body panels.

Tesla were unable to penetrate the door with a full magazine of a .45 Tommy Gun, 9mm Glock & 9mm MP5-SD at 950 feet per second.

And best of all, no paint, means no paint chips!


The Cybertruck is almost impossible to rollover due to the low center of gravity. Recordings of side impact crash tests show minimal damage to the side of the vehicle when tested.

Furthermore, ~35mps front impact tests show no cabin intrusion and rapid airbag deployment.

Pulling power

Cybertruck, with 11,000lbs of towing capacity can out-pull a Ford F350 and Rivian R1T & Ford F-150 lightning. In fact the Cybertruck had to turn at the end of the test track which wasn’t long enough for how far it could pull!


Even at over 3000kg or 6800 lbs, the Cybertruck beast can do 0-60 in 2.6 seconds. Tesla’s demo shows us a Cybertruck winning in a drag strip race between it and a Porsche 911 (while towing a Porsche 911!)

The truck comes with Cheetah mode which lowers the front to give it better off the start-line aerodynamics / acceleration.

Tesla Armor Glass

While there was no steel ball demo (haha), there was a baseball demo featuring Tesla throwing a baseball at one of the truck’s windows, showing the toughness of the new glass. Tesla Armor Glass eliminates much of the external noise, making this a super quiet vehicle to drive.

Door handles

The Cybertruck has no doorhandles. The prototype had self presenting door handles but the saying “no part is the best part” has won here. As with all Teslas, the vehicle auto unlocks as you walk up to it and upon pressing a button, the door opens. No need for handles afterall!

The rear doors open 90 degrees too, all the way to make putting things in and out of the back seat area super easy. Talking about the rear seats, they all fold up, providing extra space.

Steering Wheel & Stalks

Instead of a “yoke” the Cybertruck in all trims comes with a rectangular/round type wheel. There are no stalks but there is a physical horn, unlike in the Model S and X where it is now a button.

The steering wheel is “drive-by-wire”, it’s mechanically disconnected from the wheels, allowing you do to a full lock turn without rotating the wheel like in traditional vehicles. Like many things in a Tesla, the second to none software works it out for you.

Frunk & bed

There is a reasonably sized front Trunk / Bonnet / Frunk. This is enough for a couple of carry on hold bags.

Since the rear bed of the Cybertruck comes with the automatic cover, you can store things in there and there is also a lower compartment for more things in bed too, internally named he “Smugglers bay”!

The bed is massive, 6ft in length by over 4ft across, with a special coating to protect it and comes with an “L track system” to mount things to it with a bunch of available connectors.


The interior is typical Tesla minimalistic, a full glass roof like the Model S/X but more futuristic.

The super large windscreen comes with a super long windscreen wiper! but it works 🙂

The rearview mirror is small, but the screen doubles up as a rear view mirror, so it’s not really required.

The Cybertruck glovebox is more like a draw, making it easy to get to all the contents. You can also open and close it from the screen controls.


The Tonneau cover is operated via an external button when the car is unlocked but also via the internal screen controls. You can also adjust the suspension. It has all the usual modes of operation that you’d find in other Tesla’s such as Car Wash mode, Sentry Mode, Valet mode etc.

You can adjust the dynamics of the car too, there are settings for Off roading, Acceleration, Ride & Handling etc.


The front daytime running light stretched the width of the vehicle and has a cool startup effect. But the main headlights are underneath. They are however matrix lights, so they will be permanently on at night, but they wont dazzle oncoming traffic.


There are 5 seats in the Cybertruck. All the seats except the rear center one are heated. There is plenty of headroom for those even just over 6 foot too.

In the rear there is a medium size screen where you can adjust some car controls, but also watch Netflix and Youtube etc.

External charging

The truck will charge on v4 superchargers at 350kWh. There are also on powerful on-board sockets to charge power tools, accessories or even other EVs!

PowerShare is enabled on the Cybertruck, meaning you’ll be able to power your home from the truck. You will need additional equipment in your home for this to work, but it could be perfect if you lost power to your home.

Range Extender

A toolbox size battery, connect in the back to add >130 miles of range!

Official Accessories

Tesla | Vehicle Accessories Cybertruck

  • Basecamp Tent
  • Tailgate ramp
  • PPF (Black / Clear etc)
  • Roof bars
  • Mounting brackets
  • Compressor
  • Spare tyre
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